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An addition to your prayer journal

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We have lists for different types of prayers in our prayer journal, ranging from “prayers that prevail”, “now I lay me down to sleep prayers”, “prayer for provision” and many others. Having all these arsenals in our weaponry can be confusing at times, as to what to pray about especially when circumstances that warrant prayers are muddled up. Recognizing priority is paramount in this case.

Recognition of priorities in our daily lives makes life easier without stress. Our plans are able to flow into each other avoid havoc without disruptions. Priority recognition is also important in our dealings with God. unrecognition of priorities can lead to delayed blessings and living a life below what God desires us to be.

God tests priorities

Christ saw that Bartimaeus was blind but still asked what he wanted (Mark 10:46-52). Take heed your essential need may be relegated for nonessential one. Asking the non-priority will not be God’s fault. His Word simply says: “Ask and it shall be given you” (Matthew 7:7).

Recognition of Priority

Bartimaeus recognised his priority but the man at the beautiful gate did not (Acts 3:1-9). Oftentimes it takes one to be a critical thinker to be able to analyse one’s life and know priorities. Sometimes they may hide in darker shade such as the spirit realm. The best way to unravel priorities is through the help of the Holy Spirit. Seeking and praying by the help of the Holy Spirit helps us pray priority prayers (Romans 8:26).

Seek the help of the Holy Spirit today for priority prayers.

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