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A happy life in unfavourable situations

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Living a happy life in unfavourable situations is essential in our walks with God. The journeys of the Israelite in the wilderness shows turmoil, haughtiness, backslidings and miracles. During all these phases in their journeys God was with them leading them by a pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night although they had no direct access to meeting God in the tent of meeting which was behind the veil, except Moses.

The baffling question to ask is why were they turning to other gods or backsliding despite the presence of God in the midst of them though behind the veil? Having witnessed great miracles – the parting of the red sea, bread falling from heaven and meat in the wilderness, are all answers in response to their complaints. These did not permeate their minds, it was as if they needed more.

There are two types of veils in the story; first is the veil of the mind and the second is the veil of tent of tabernacle. The first limits the perception of the nature of the workings of God and the second limits their access to God. The limitations presented by the first veil poses great expectations – a better life than the life of slavery. Everyone wants a good life and thus their complaint is justified but the more important thing is to have knowledge of what God is doing in that season.

When expectations does not align with God’s doings in a season, this creates a cloud of hindrance which hinders our belief, our perception of God’s presence – it looks like God is not present whereas he is present. This is the veil.

It must be very hard for the Israelite to belief because of these veils, a God who appeared to them and insists he is the God of their fathers but despise them of their uncleanliness and want no contact with them, hence created a veil between them. God has repented. If they could persevere in their belief of God what of we who Christ died for thereby casting off the veil, that God now reside in us. How much we ought to stand firm and belief? In this realm God has chosen not to put himself behind the veil but you have the choice to put him behind the veil.

Therefore Rejoice!! Rejoice!! Cast off the veil of your mind and see God for he is with you though it does not look like it.

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