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The message for 2020

This year 2020 so far has been the year of the unexpected with the pandemics coming into play (Covid- 19 and BLM). Covid-19 kept a large proportion of the world in Lockdown. These unexpected occasions has been a time of revelations. It has revealed cracks in the walls of our relationships with God, family and other fellow humans — high numbers of reported divorce cases , deficiency of self-control, unjust treatments of our fellow human beings and many others.If there is one message this season is trying to communicate, it is that we need to Repent.

Articles for this Season.

  1. To repent we need to discover the cracks in our walls that needs mending. The Power of The Truth: What do believers do in this time of Revelation?
  2. Cannot see the need for repentance? Then it is high time to turn to God, to hear him speak to us of areas in need of adjustments. Turn Aside: A Call to Mysteries.
  3. Having hard times repenting? Having a conviction but refusing to repent is one of the signs that we may be on the slippery road to destruction. Conviction and Repentance.
  4. Have you gone into sin in this season due to your weaknesses and you do not feel worthy to be called a Christian anymore? The precious blood is sufficient for you. Are you a Saint? : Affirming your status in Christ.