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The Kingdom of God – A Reformation of the Society

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Our minds, thoughts; inner lives always determine the outward life and implies what happens in the society. Consider, a mind that is always burdened with sexual alures, he or she will soon fornicate or commit adultery which can lead to unwanted pregnancy or destroy a marriage, which then can lead to single parenthood, then improper upbringing of a child impacting the society adversely with social vices.

A critical view, can argue that it is the external force(s) or systems that determines our inner lives. For example, the high intensity of poverty in a locality can influence a mind to robbery. Likewise, exposure to pornography can influence the mind to illicit sexual activities. But irrespective of the dissonances caused by external forces, our inner lives are to be pressure-proof and thus, produce a life that is meaningful and not social vice.

It is very unfortunate the answer we resolve to, when there are dissonances in our communities. We tend to blame others, ask for changes in policies and a new political government. We forget to change self, we forget that a change in me could go a long way, if not less to impact the society positively and a communal change will do much better.

The Israelites were in such state of society dissonance – conquered and ruled by the Roman Empire, desired their freedom by a new government called the Kingdom of God to be led by the Messiah. Unfortunately, God’s definition of his Kingdom alternate theirs – the messiah was not meant to bring about a Kingdom that is external, visible to humans but that is inward and self changing [Luke 17:21]. In other words, God was expecting transformed lives, that will then affect the society positively.

Kingdom means King domain; a place where the authority of the King presides over. The Kingdom of God is where the authority of God presides over. A transformed life is that which the Kingdom of God is effectual, brought about by the sanctification of the blood of Christ and reformed through continuous muzzling of the Holy Spirit.

In the story of the rich young ruler who could not leave his possession to follow christ – the response of christ ‘With Man this is impossible but WITH GOD all things are possible’ means that when a man enters into the Kingdom of God (a place where the dominion of God presides) what is impossible to him becomes possible and the effect is that of a positive society. A story that illustrates and negates that of the rich young ruler was when the Holy Spirit descended on the believers [Acts 4:32-36]; they sold their possessions, gave to the poor and fellowshipped with singleness of mind.

The Kingdom of God is crucial to the transformation of our lives and the society, no wonder Paul declared; “Woe is me, if I preach not the gospel!. In another scripture he said; “For it is the POWER of God to salvation for everyone who believes….”

Excerpt from Treasures from the Mount – Ornaments of Faith.

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