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The Repentance of God

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What shall We do to this sin of God?

He is very holy, very principled

In the flamboyant garment of holiness lies an hidden stain

Yet, He can not bear the sight of sin

Christ dinned with the worst of sinners

Christ exchanged for the worst of sinners

Christ crucified amongst the worst of sinners

The worst of sinners walked by and looked into the holy of holies and could comprehend holiness of God

The law became worthless

God humbled, Selah.

Yes, all is works are known to him from the foundation of the world

but how it will affect him was unknown

Darkness covered the earth

The cry of father why has thou forsaken me to a God hiding in the shack of his humility

It is finished

Darkness covered the earth

It is going to be a new beginning

They will be like us

New creatures like God

Callings into the Garden of God

Suddenly, a voice, ‘let there be light’

And there was light

Your sin was your anger

Your repentance is the abundance of your love

Emissaries of war to dominate lands became emissaries of love to dominate lands

The wrath of God is pacified

Christ our peace

Christ the Righteousness of God

The garment of holiness blazes limitless without stain

Now your holiness abounds

Holy, holy is the Lord

The Whole Earth is full of your Glory

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